ArabiaCell is passionate about empowering your business to reach the widest possible audience through the development of solutions and services that convey your company’s vision and image to the prospective client, customer and employee.

The mission of ArabiaCell is to deliver consistent and memorable user experiences. Its skills are dedicated and focused to deliver fast and excellent results. ArabiaCell ensures that it creates and maintains satisfied clients.

ArabiaCell, a Jordan-based digital media developer and content provider, was founded in 2007 and employs a staff of 52. The company is dedicated to providing new and useful content to mobile users in many countries and in many languages. ArabiaCell has made progress in entering regional and international markets with a bouquet of services (channels) ranging from sports, religious, entertainment, to breaking news and more.

After a successful launch of original CNN news content to Sudan’s Zain subscribers in 2007, Arabia Cell reached an agreement with Real Madrid FC in 2011 to introduce all sports content related to the Spanish giant football club exclusively in 54 countries in Asia and Australia. This agreement also included translating, hosting and managing the official Arabic website of Real Madrid FC.

In 2012, the legendary Italian football club AC Milan also entrusted ArabiaCell as their exclusive partner in the MENA region. The Arabic content for their web portal is being updated daily by ArabiaCell’s team of sports editors.

Currently, ArabiaCell’s services reach a total of over 5 million mobile subscribers and plans are underway to enter additional markets in Africa and Asia.

ArabiaCell was also determined to have a solid ground in the development of mobile applications. Therefore, the core of the applications development division was established by recruiting top notch developers and supporting them with strong business and technical tools enabling ArabiaCell to thrive in this market. Several mobile Apps and solution have been delivered while other agreements have already been signed with regional and international companies for the development of their mobile applications.

As a result of high demand within the industry, Audio and Video streaming is a recent addition to the services provided by ArabiaCell which expands and complements existing services, among the company’s wide array of video services, Video on Demand (VOD) and live broadcast with mobility solutions are available to clients with the addition of high security and advertising modules, that are mainly customized to Radios and TV’s.

Web hosting is one of the top services to be deployed by ArabiaCell, starting in the year 2013; whereby reliable and highly secured web hosting services are managed which allow ArabiaCell to provide top notch service solutions in this field. ArabiaCell’s client list includes the most important news portals in Jordan and many well-known corporates websites.

ArabiaCell is also excelling in Web/ Portal development and design. It is currently responsible for major websites and portals covering both Governmental and Private sector main players.

ArabiaCell is leading the Jordanian Government SMS services till the end of 2019, while integrating and connecting governmental entities and helping them in the digital transformation of their services to be offered to the citizens over SMS.

SMS Banking and OTP solutions is the newly added arm that ArabiaCell has built, whereby it offers several Regional Banks with top notch solutions that have shifted them to the new era of financial services.

This wide range of services has lead the technical team to develop ArabiaCell’s own platforms (gateways, content management systems and applications) based on the latest stateof- the-art technologies. This is why ArabiaCell has become one of the top providers in the regional market for such services on all customers screen.

ArabiaCell is committed to common practices in the industry that enable the team to manage a wide variety of business categories, which add the uniqueness to its combined solutions. ArabiaCell is your “Technology & Solutions Facilitator on all Screens”; Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, TV.

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