Arab Advisors Group

Arab Advisors Group is a regional market research firm with headquarters in Amman, Jordan. It is a private shareholder company and specializes in research, analysis and consulting in the industries of communications, media, technology and financial markets. It is also well known for its surveys and research reports that have been used by organizations and writers citing statistics applicable to the MENA region.

Arab Advisors’ scope of services includes providing primary research based analysis, market sizing forecasting, analysis of the competitive landscape and the regulatory landscape, market research, technology developments and market opportunity updates and risk assessments.

Arab Advisors also avails Knowledge Process Outsourcing services, encompassing Market Research, Data Analytics, Reputation Research, Equity Research and Financial Services.

Arab Advisors applies a methodology of primary research, with a bottom up approach to data development, utilizing benchmarking with regional and global markets, and interviews with vendors, operators and regulators.

Arab Advisors Group team has more than 100 years of cumulative industry experience via research firms, management consultancies, information technology, and telecom firms. Arab Advisors analysts have extensive working experience in MENA, Europe and North America; and top notch degrees from US, UK and regional universities. The team members have an unparalleled understanding of the region’s culture and language affecting the competitive business landscape.

Arab Advisors Group clients gain access to expertise and knowledge through four main ways which are the purchase of individual research reports, subscribing to Arab Advisors Group’s Communications and Media Strategic Research Services, custom research & annual consulting contracts, and subscribing to the Knowledge Process Outsourcing services.

In addition to the above, Arab Advisors Group’s team has been helping its clients gain market insights through reliable and scientific quantitative and qualitative market research. The Online, Face-to- Face, and Computer-aided Telephone Interviews (CATI) survey capabilities, in addition to Arab Advisors Group’s qualified team of analysts handling Focus Groups and In-Depth
Interviews, provide clients with solid and reliable insights, encompassing all their market intelligence requirements.

Arab Advisor’s latest published surveys and trending reports include the Jordan Retail Banking Market Survey, Electric, Connected and Autonomous cars survey in Jordan, Internet impact on the economic growth in the MENA region, Investment and Venture 79 Capital Landscape in the Arab World, Digital Index in the Arab World and Digitization of Cellular Operations Index.

Since 2004, Arab Advisors Group started organizing its own local and regional conferences bringing together thought leaders and top executives from the TMT industry. The company continues to organize a variety of industry conferences covering the dynamically changing TMT and Financial markets. Arab Advisors Group’s conferences attract hundreds of leaders from various countries and speakers every year.

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