Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support (MDPS)

Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support is a distinguished, well established company that has worked hard over the years to provide high quality service and distinctive products to its customers, in order to ensure their satisfaction.

Developing mutual trust and maintaining close ties with customers has been one of the keys to successful expansion of Al-Manhal’s customer base.

The company was founded in 1990 under the name Al-Manhal Computer Service and Trade. Over a period ofnineteen years, Al-Manhal developed into one of Jordan’s leading data protection companies.

In 2009, the company changed its name to Al-Manhal Data Protection and Support (MDPS). Since then, it has continued to become widely known for specializing in information security, including the supply and installation of communication, network and power protection devices.

More specifically, Al-Manhal offers computer network processing machines, data encryption devices, data protection software, payment software solutions, instant card issuing and ATM solutions, IT equipment, in addition to wired and wireless information transfer machines. Furthermore, the company provides consultation, technical research, and marketing and management services.

The vision of Al Manhal is to be one of the leading companies through its product and services and to be trustworthy to its customers, while maintaining a strong commitment to stakeholders and to be a perfect place to work.

The team at Al-Manhal is dedicated to offering high-quality data protection and information security for organizations and individuals who are seeking to upgrade their technical standards and overcome security problems.

In turn, this helps them attain higher levels of distinction and success that comes with adherence to quality standards.

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