Access to Arabia

Access to Arabia specializes in developing IT solutions that assist financial institutions to supply their customers with convenient access to their products and services.

The mission of Access to Arabia is to help banks and other financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa regions to realize the future of full customer self-service, today.

The company’s vision resides in transforming financial institutions into becoming a customer-centric and future-ready digital enterprises perfectly positioned to lead society into future technological revolutions.

The A2A team follows modern technological and social trends to help evolve the role of financial institutions in this ever-changing world. A2A products and systems have the capability to integrate to third party delivery channels, protecting the bank’s existing investments.

The A2A Omni-Channel Manager provides true continuity and seamless integration with regards to customer experience and customer behavior.

The A2A Connectors Manager provides for a quick and easy integration to external payment services such as PayPal and Western Union.

A2A FANS is the state-of-the-art financial alerts and notifications system. It dramatically reduces the cost of sending mandated financial alerts and provides rich notification features never before seen.

Rich notifications include images of cheques and transaction receipts. They are also actionable providing the facility for immediate actions, such as reporting suspicious transactions.

The A2A eWallet System® provides a complete all-round solution for mobile payments; based on a sophisticated, web-based administration portal and a mobile delivery channel.

The A2A mPayment® enables financial institutions and telecom companies to launch their own mobile banking and payment solutions.

The A2A Loyalty System® is a flexible system that enables organizations to create customized loyalty offerings from one unified platform.

The A2A mBanking® provides sophisticated services on mobile devices whilst ensuring optimal user experience is achieved.

The A2A ssBanking® System is a full featured branch-based banking system that provides customers with a plethora of banking transactions and activities. The A2A approach was not to further automate the teller, but rather to humanize the machine.

The A2A iBanking® offers the ultimate tool for private and corporate banking clients to execute a comprehensive assortment of transactions.

The A2A SmartTeller® provides the bank with an advanced level of activity management to enhance performance and service quality levels at lower costs.

The A2A ChatBot provides the bank’s customers with round-the-clock, personalized chat-based support across all channels. The system also has the capability to integrate to third-party delivery channels, thus, securing the bank’s existing investments.

The A2A nrsBanking® System facilitates daily reconciliation of international Nostro accounts and internal ledger accounts by allowing this reconciliation to be carried outelectronically, with or without manual intervention.

The A2A smsBanking® Suite pushes information to clients when a relevant event occurs. The push nature of the system has also made it an ideal marketing tool with sophisticated features to manage SMS marketing campaigns from beginning to end.

The presence and solutions of A2A span across the Middle East and North Africa region. The company operates in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Nigeria, Sudan, and Syria.

A2A is the official agent for Finastra General Messaging Plus. The company offers online local and international SMS Alerts, Microsoft Infrastructure Services, Microsoft Cloud Services Provider, Juniper Networks and Veeam Backup.

Main Products

• Gold Application Development.
• Gold Application Integration.
• Gold Cloud Productivity.
• Gold Collaboration and Content.
• Gold Datacenter.
• Silver Cloud Platform.
• Silver Messaging.
• Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud