Welcome to Who’s Who in Jordan’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 2017, the thirteenth edition of this book first published in 1998, which is available online at, a portal that offers comprehensive information regarding the local ICT industry.
This year, Who’s Who in Jordan’s ICT has expanded further to include a record of sixty five profiles of Jordan’s leading information technology and telecommunications companies; presented in a unique format that includes facts about the company, its profile text, customers and major projects, partners/products/brands plus names and photos of its key staff members.
This publication is the sole directory of its kind in Jordan and is supported by the Jordan Information & Communications Technology Association (int@j).
At MediaScope, we have always been honored to serve Jordan’s ICT market, through this publication, and through our other activities for the sector including the Jordan Web Awards, organized four times between 2007 and 2010, and the Jordan App & Web Awards (JAWA), first organized in 2014; in addition to organizing various digital media and marketing conferences.
We hope you benefit from this publication’s book and website and we look forward to receiving your feedback.
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