Quality Partners

Quality Partners™ is an award-winning company, specialized in ICT quality management and testing.

The company’s mission is to help its clients build software products and services better and faster, by adopting the latest and best practice methodologies and frameworks; so they can have a competitive advantage in the local and global markets.

As the first and most experienced ICT quality consulting company based in Jordan, Quality Partners™ provides complete quality management services, ranging from Quality Management, Test management, Quality Auditing, Test automation, CMMI and TFS implementation.

Quality Partners™ is the trusted quality and testing provider for businesses, government departments and institutions in Jordan, KSA, UAE, Kuwait and Palestine.

Over the last 8 years, the company has successfully delivered 100+ mission-critical projects for the private and public sectors; bringing products to market faster, with better quality and reduced costs.

By working closely with its clients, Quality Partners™ becomes familiar with their products, software development process, and corporate culture.

Quality Partners™ often uses a mix of consulting, training, coaching and facilitating to build on what works and to improve what doesn’t.