MadfooatCom is a Jordanian P.S.C. company established in 2011 with partnership and support from Oasis500 (Funded by King Abdullah II Fund for development) and with strategic shareholders from Jordan and GCC.

MadfooatCom is an online, realtime bill presentment and payment service, which enables customers to inquire about and pay their bills anytime, anywhere. It aims to connect banks with billers to facilitate bill payment and inquiry through electronic channels 24/7 easily and securely.

MadfooatCom won the Central Bank of Jordan’s tender to Build, Operate and Administrate the Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment System nation-wide in Jordan (EBPPS) which is called eFAWATEERcom. eFAWATEERcom is the ‘e-Way To Pay’ whereby it facilitates payments Anytime, Anywhere; No Time Wasting; No Cash Handling; Automated Notification; 24/7 Online Debit Payment Services; No Queues; Effective & Efficient Customer Service.

MadfooatCom provides Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) services to the local market using secure payment channels which utilizes banks’ electronic channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM, and IVR to provide these EBPP services.

The business model provides the service to customers for free, as they pay through the digital channels (ATM, POS, Phone and Online). MadfooatCom shares the fees it receives from billers, per collected payment, with the banks. These billers include Government offices, telecom companies, universities and utilities (water and electricity).

MadfooatCom services increase customer satisfaction, by enabling them to view and pay their bills anytime and anywhere, while helping customers to save time, cost and reduce queues in branches. It provides customers with convenient and secure payment channels available 24/7 via their bank’s ATM as well as other electronic banking channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and IVR.

MadfooatCom’s platform serves banks through utilizing their e-channels such as Internet Banking, ATM, Mobile Banking and IVR. 92% of banks in Jordan have integrated with MadfooatCom, as have the payment acquirers (MEPS, EMP and Trust) in addition to the Post Office.

MadfooatCom’s platform also serves billers by increasing payment collections, reducing branch queuing, and ensuring automatic quick funds transactions into the billers’ accounts using banking systems. So far, 70% of billers in Jordan have been integrated, including 30% of Government, 93% of Utilities and 100% of Telecom companies.




> Won the Central Bank of Jordan’s tender offer to build, operate & administer Jordan’s national electronic bill presentment & payment services.
> Won Bank alEtihad’s «Best SME Award»
> Won Wamda award for «Best use of Technology in the MENA Region»
> Won «Endeavor Entrepreneur» in 2014.
* Won «Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award».