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ArabiaCell is passionate about empowering your business to reach the widest possible audience through the development of solutions and services that convey your company’s vision and image to the prospective client, customer and employee.

The mission of ArabiaCell is to delivering consistent and memorable user experiences. Its skills are dedicated and focused to deliver fast and excellent results. ArabiaCell ensures that its clients are satisfied and that the company’s image is accurately portrayed and promoted.


Javna is jointly built around the ambition to develop a global company in the region with a steadfast belief in innovation.

Javna was launched in 2001 as a wireless software solutions and mobile media services company to serve the Middle East region, then started another office in Qatar in 2006, and is now serving a global market.

Javna became the 1st endeavor member in Jordan and the 2nd in the Middle East; Endeavor is a leading high-impact entrepreneurship network in growth markets around the world.


Beecell is a leading Digital Media company which produces, packages, publishes and market Digital Media products and services.

By having direct mobile operator connectivity in 20 countries, Beecell is able to reach over 270 million mobile subscribers.

As time-to-market is one of the most important aspects of offering any new service, Beecell is able to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently.


Apprikot is a leading mobile applications and Web solutions developer offering B2B and B2C products and services in regional and international markets. The company specializes in native apps, which fully take advantage of iOS as well as Android operating system capabilities.

Apprikot believes that creating great apps comes from solving everyday problems using innovative and disruptive technology.


Startappz is a specialized house of expertise for smart technologies which partners with leading telecom operators, government organizations, banks and airlines.

As an active B2B player, the marketing gurus at Startappz can help you re/launch your business digitally and build powerful digital channels to empower your customers.

Startappz is a regional player with leading partners including Virgin Mobile, Dubai Smart Government, HSBC, Saudi Ministry of Health, STC, Saudi Airlines, Mobily, Saudi Royal Court and many more.


BeeLabs, a self-investment start-up company founded in 2013, has gained the recognition of her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdulla during her talk in France at Medef last August for its highly acclaimed game ShibShib War. Aspiring to bridge the digital gap between foreign and local technology, BeeLabs is a company that develops innovative multilingual casual games and interactive educational applications. Additionally, the company welcomes innovative game ideas, and helps brands create and develop games in order to enhance their market presence on a global scale.

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