Jordan Computer Society (JCS)

JORDAN COMPUTER SOCIETY was established in 1986 as a non-profit professional business association to represent both individuals and companies working in the ICT field.
JCS at a glance
Jordan Computers Society (JCS) was established in 1986 as the first specialized vocational society in the Arab World and the Middle East aiming to serve the ICT sector in Jordan. Since its establishment, JCS aimed to elevate the professional, technical, and scientific levels of the individuals working in the ICT field, as well as improving the sector’s professions.
During the last 30 years, the Society has played the role of the institutional umbrella for individuals and companies working in the ICT field by activating the circle that links the sector’s members being individuals, companies, governmental and private institutions or universities.
JCS mission statement concentrates on the ICT sector empowerment through developing its work force in particular, and the ICT community in general, as part of its continuous efforts in supporting the implementation of the national strategy of the ICT sector development.
JCS plan of work is based on the ICT sector’s human resources development as a foundation for the sector development on its many levels, and thus contributes effectively to implement the national strategy for developing the ICT sector and maintaining high growth levels, in order to ultimately make positive change to the national production, and the national economy in general.
Features of JCS vision
Supporting the national strategy of the ICT sector.
Developing and qualifying the work force of the ICT sector.
Empowering the ICT community.